Bernedoodles in Arizona tricolor standard, medium and mini sizes


Thank you for visiting our page. We are very happy you are here! Let us introduce ourselves.

We are small family based hobby dog breeders located in a sunny Arizona, North Phoenix.  We raise gorgeous high quality colorful puppies as a family . We have large beautiful loving home on 1 acre farm  surrounded by beautiful green trees and flowering bushes and plenty of space for our furry friends to run and play around.

All of our breeding dogs are very sweet cuddly dogs with awesome loving temperaments and high intelligence which with the right training make their  babies great candidates for becoming therapy and service dogs. Many of our fur babies went into therapy and service dog training to work as personal psychological support dogs for adults, kids and teens with various disabilities or traumas. They are working at private homes and offices, hospitals, schools and nursing home settings . Some of our puppies went to become mobility service dogs and seizure alert dog and going thru very intense training  and doing great job! 

Our puppies are held since birth and receive lots of love and care right from the start. We try to expose them to variety of sounds and touch from early age to help them feel comfortable in various situations and environment. From day one we use  “Super dog” military Bio-Sensor Early Neurological Stimulation Program,  plus we have our own special set of training exercises that help our pups grow into very trusting mellow dogs who simply melt in our arms when picked up. I also perform  puppy personality  test on specific babies that are going to become service and therapy dogs to help select pups that are best fit for future training  in becoming successful serving dogs.  We also  potty train our pups by 8 weeks old to go potty outside using doggy door .

All the extra steps we take and hard work and love we put into our fur babies really helps us raise very special pups for very special families.  Most of our customers are very impressed with how exceptionally smart, well adjusted and well behaved,  sweet and mellow our babies are! Check our customers’ testimony page please, plus our Facebook page reviews at AZ Oasis Bernedoodles and Google reviews.  Our babies rock! ❤️ One of our pups was featured in local dog magazine 💖.IMG_20200208_124807_01

By raising happy healthy fur babies with my children, we learned a lot about using natural alternatives and healthier methods which help our dogs and fur babies have stronger immune systems. We also take our pups to the Vet for check up and first vaccines and make sure they are healthy before being placed at their new homes.

All our breeding dogs have been health screened and health tested. We have DNA tests on our dogs to check them for major hereditary diseases before we breed them. Licensed Vet also does thorough health inspection of our dogs to make sure they are healthy and in a great shape.

We start potty training our babies when they are around 3 weeks old.  When your puppies are ready to go home  they are so much easier and faster to house train to your house  and our families just love it!

Part of our proceeds goes to support  mission trips and missionaries in need all over the world, which  includes Ywam Marine Reach where my daughter served , Amazima ministry  and remote village in Uganda where children’s school and feeding program is just getting started.  

We have waiting list for our babies and would love to provide you with one of our amazing pups when you contact us. You will need to fill out our puppy application on line and send it back to us for approval please. Email us and we will be very happy to answer any of your questions .

There is $500 non-refundable deposit to get on our waiting list and hold your spot on that specific litter. You are only allowed to move your deposit to different litter once and can do it only before puppies turn 4 weeks old , then after that your deposit is not movable to any other litters unless there is serious medical emergency. At the end of the purchase deposit  goes toward the price of your puppy. If you don’t find puppy you like in one litter by the time pups are 4 weeks old, your deposit moves to the next , but only one time ☺️.

When puppies are born  I will inform my families on our waiting list . When our fur babies are older, around 6 weeks old, and we get to observe each individual puppy and  know more about their potential sizes and their coat type, we will match each puppy with each individual family on our waiting list by their requested color, size and by best personality fit. All our babies are very loving and sweet so their personalities are usually never a problem 😊.  When puppies are 8 weeks old, you will be able to meet them and their mom in person after they had their first vet exam and first shots.They will be able to go home with you at that point.

Our babies will simply steal your heart and our families can not wait to take their babies home as soon as they meet them ❤️.

We look forward to hearing from you and would love to help you choose your next best furry companion. Check our references and testimonials please. We have many happy customers all over the valley and nation wide. We also have Facebook page with many reviews from our past puppy families, check that one out too please AZ Oasis Bernedoodles.

Praise God we never yet had a single puppy returned to us with health or temperament issues. We always get great feedback from our past families who adopted our puppies and many are coming back for their second fur baby from us.

Check our available puppies page to see if we might already have just the right fur baby for you or have upcoming litters, or a Guardian Home dog .

Our standard Bernedoodles as adults should be in the range of 65- 85 lbs, medium size  Bernedoodles should be in the range of  55 lbs – 65 lbs and our mini Bernedoodles  should be from 35-50 lb . We also raise tiny mini Bernedoodles 25-30 lbs.

Thank you so much.❤️ We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

We offer puppy delivery with our flight nanny or by ground  to any state in the USA or we can bring your baby to the  airport to meet you at the terminal for extra fee , just check with us please😊. Thank you

34 thoughts on “Bernedoodles in Arizona tricolor standard, medium and mini sizes

  1. Hi

    Where are you located in Arizona. I am in Prescott. I am not looking to get a puppy for about a year. I am a nurse and work has kept me hopping. Hopefully covid will be over soon. I want to have time to devote to a new addition. How early do I need to get on your waiting list?


  2. Looking for a puppy for my 20 year old son who lives at home. He has always wanted a puppy, and is a very loving boy. We want a puppy to add to our family as a member to love and cherish


    1. Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies. You are welcome to fill out puppy application on our website and then place deposit to join our waiting list. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you


    1. Hi Sheryl. Yes , I have a spot for you 😊. You can fill out puppy application and then place deposit to get on the waiting list. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you


  3. Do you have pups spots still open for Fall? I have a 6 yr old having surgery #10 in July and we lost our sweet boxer last July 🥺


    1. I am very sorry to hear that. Yes, I might have a spot for you. What color and what size are you looking for. You can contact me by email. Thank you


  4. Hi Sheryl, my 6 year old labrador Jack needs a friend to replace my son who just moved out. We live in Tucson, fully walled back yard with landscaping, 3 indoor cats that are Jack’s buddies in crime…would love to be added to your wish list for either standard or medium pup, still not sure male or female, the jury is out…not going to breed, any advice with a 6 year old fixed male?
    Cathi Breckner


  5. Good morning Sheryl, my name is Ed and my wife and I live in Flagstaff. We are interested in mini Bernie’s. We previously raised cocker spaniel’s and most recently had the pleasure of raising a Havanese named Buddy. He was a huge part of our family for thirteen years. Would it be possible to get on your waiting list. We are interested in a tricolor mini and possible a sable. We think they should a pal to be with if that’s possible. Our home site is on a couple of acres and the trail system is right out our back door below the peaks.


    1. Hi, thank you for your interest in our puppies. You can fill out puppy application and place deposit to get on our waiting list for winter and spring litters . Thank you so much.


  6. Hi
    Never heard back from you. So trying again. Looking for a female bernedoodle that is tricolor hoping to use as therapy dog. Likely for me lol as I am a nurse and have been severely impacted by all this covid stuff. I have given all that i can of myself and decided to take early retirement. I want my focus to be on my pup and eventually have her be a service dog for elderly. Please respond and let me know if anything is ir will be available and I will complete application and deposit. Thanks.


      1. Hi there, will you have medium tri color pups available in the spring? Or will you have any available in January/February?


  7. Are we able to visit your breeding home and see the parents Prior to submitting a puppy application. It is very important for us to see the bernedoodle environment. Thank you


    1. Thank you for your interest. At this time only families who already reserved their puppies can visit our home and see their baby and momma in person, I am sorry. Thank you for your understanding ❤️.


    2. You can visit anytime!! If you were emailing me directly! It’s weird how it came through. This is Annmarie Maronek. I submitted app and $ back in Feb.


  8. Hi – I had filled out a puppy application, but I haven’t heard anything. Just wanted to make sure that you received it.
    Also, where do I pay my deposit?
    Thank you for your time!


  9. We are interested in a mini female bernedoodle We like the multicolor look. Just wondering when your next litter is and is your waiting list long Thank you


  10. Hello. I just saw your post on Facebook that you have puppies ready for Christmas. Do you have any still available? Thanks you


    1. We have them posted on “available puppies” page and you can reserve one . You can fill out puppy application and place deposit . Let me know if you have questions. Thank you


  11. Hello a friend recommended me to you. I’m inquiring about your waitlist. How long will the wait be? Or do you have puppies now/soon?
    Thank you!


    1. Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies. We are expecting pups in the late summer/ early fall and you are welcome to join our waiting list by filling out puppy application and placing deposit. Let me know if you have any questions by emailing to
      Thank you


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